How To Be Someone

Have you hever heard somebody say, “Someone should do something,” or “Someone should clean that up,” etc? I know I have.

Several years ago, as a volunteer firefighter, I was backing a fire engine up and had to go over a curb. As I was backing up, the mud flap behind one of the rear wheels got stuck under the wheel as it went over the curb, tearing it from the bracket. It was only after I had damaged the truck that someone yelled out, “Stop!” Afterward, the firefighter who shouted for me to stop mentioned that another firefighter said, “someone should tell him to stop,” as I was shearing the mudflap off the truck.

Aren’t you someone?

Yes, you are. So am I. We are all someone and can all contribute to make things around us better. Here are a few ways:

  • “Someone should clean this up.” Bring a bag with you when you go to the park and pick up cans, bottles and other junk you see. I’ve always got several bags with me to pick up after my dog on our walks: smaller ones for his messes and a larger one to carry the smaller ones plus messes left behind by people. You aren’t going to get sick picking up junk and you don’t have to clean the whole park. Pick up a few pieces of trash. It will make the place look nicer and you’ll feel good.
  • “Someone should let that guy in.” Let the guy with his turn signal on into the line of traffic. You aren’t going to get there any quicker by never letting anyone get in front of you. You don’t have to sit there in the parking lot after the football game and let everyone in, but letting people get in front of you once in a while makes everyone happier. Including you.
  • “Volunteers Wanted” Ever see the sign in front of your local volunteer fire department or first aid/rescue squad? Someone has to do it. Someone has to volunteer their time to staff fire trucks and ambulances. These activities aren’t for everyone, but you get the point: volunteer for your community, give blood, volunteer at the library or on a board or commission.
  • Donate food, clothing or money. Winter and holidays are coming. Give to your local food bank or group that provides food, clothing and shelter to those less fortunate than you during the holidays.

    These are just a few things we can all do to make the world around us a better place. Someone’s got to do it.

    Why not you?

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    • suefrost

      Ask me about GiveAwayDay sometime. Or Sue Frost’s Blood Drive. These are great suggestions.

    • Thanks for the ideas. It’s funny how we go about our day thinking someone else should do this or that.
      It really hit me when Hurricane Katrina devastated Mississippi and Louisiana. As I watched news reports, I thought to myself, “someone should help those people. Why not me?” So I did. I drove to Ocean Springs, Mississippi. There, I found hundreds of people just like me, from all over the country (and world) who thought, “someone should help those people.” And we did.

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