What a Day for The Jets!

The turnovers went their way. The Jets did not turn the ball over and scored 27 points off five St. Louis turnovers Sunday and went on to win 47-3.

The 44-point margin of victory was the largest is Jets history and their 40-0 lead at halftime tied for third-largest in NFL history. Also, their 17-0 lead at the end of the first quarter was their largest such lead at home in franchise history. The Jets have had four other 17-0 first quarters, but all come on the road.

Things went their way all day: Jay Feely was four-for-four in field goals, including a franchise record-tying 55 yarder. Thomas Jones carried the ball 26 times for 149 yards. His three rushing touchdowns tied a franchise record and was his personal best. Dustin Keller had his first 100 yard receiving game as a pro and Calvin Pace recorded his first touchdown (50 yard fumble recovery) as a pro.

The Jets scored on their opening drive for the fourth straight game, and scored on their first five possessions. After improving their record to 6-3 and having won five of the last six, the Jets are looking good going into Thursday night’s game against the Patriots, followed ten days later by a visit to the currently undefeated Titans.

As consistant as the Jets were on the field, I was impressed by the Rams fans three rows ahead of me. A guy and his girlfriend with Rams jerseys managed to make friends with everyone around them and somehow were able to remain for the entire game. The guy had a Rams construction helmet and a Youngblood jersey and was laughing and carrying on with those around him in Section 303 and across the aisle in Section 304. At the end of the game he had people shaking his hand and congratulating him on his ability to remain in the stands as his team was massacred. My spidey-senses tell me people may not have been quite as hospitable had the score been different.

Speaking of fans: I continue to be amazed at the amount of alcohol consumed by fans. I often wonder if I was as loud, belligerent, comical, off-balance and generally silly as some of the people wandering the concourses and parking lots during my drinking days. (Probably not) One guy stumbling around the concourse around Sections 303-301 dropped his sun glasses. I saw them fall and as I went to pick them up, four other guys huddled around them and one guy picked them up. These four stared at them as if they had never seen sunglasses before. I grabbed them, exclaiming, “that guy dropped them,” and hurried off to return them. The guy who dropped them was inebriated, in a big-guy fun-loving way. “That’s the second time in the last five minutes!” he said as I handed him his glasses. “Hold on to them.”

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