Slumdog Millionaire Wins Eight Oscars, Including Best Picture; Kate Winslet Wins Best Actress

To nobody’s surprise, Slumdog Millionaire had a good night. Nominated for ten Academy Awards, the film won eight, including the big one: Best Picture. This represents the second most Oscar wins this decade, behind The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (which won all eleven awards it was nominated for in 2003).

Other nominees [...]

A Rare Act of Sportsmanship

On a typical Saturday night in February, a high school basketball team traveled from DeKalb, Illinois to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to play basketball. After the game, the two teams, who had begun to develop a friendly rivalry, planned on going out for pizza. The scene could have been repeated anywhere in the nation, but this game [...]

The Crisis of Credit Visualized

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

An excellent visualized explanation of the current credit crisis in the United States.

Thanks to Jonathan Jarvis for his creation.

National Weather Service Confirms New All-Time Record Low For State of Maine: -50°F at Big Black River

At 7:30 on the morning of January 16, 2009, a new all-time low temperature of -50°F was recorded for the State of Maine. It was recorded by a United States Geological Survey (USGS) stream gauge at Big Black River. The previous record of -48°F was set in Van Buren on January 19, 1925. Although there [...]