Shake the Dust Off of Your Wings and the Sleep Out of Your Eyes

Due to my overwhelming charisma, powers of positive thinking and Jedi mind tricks, my waiver request to allow me to travel to and work in Antarctica has been approved by the National Science Foundation. I’m not yet sure when I will be leaving, but it will be soon, probably in the next two or three weeks. Originally scheduled to leave home on September 27 and arrive at McMurdo Station on October 3, it now appears as though my schedule will simply be two or three weeks later than originally planned.

It has been a roller coaster of a summer; first being offered the job in June, then being denied in July. Applying for a waiver and seeing more doctors and taking more tests through August and into September. Missing deadlines while waiting for a decision. Each day thinking, “today is the day,” only to hear nothing. I finally heard today. It feels as if a giant weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Now I need to plan my packing. And buy sunglasses.

(Whoever gets the musical reference in the title of the post gets a cookie*)

* Not really; there are no cookies.

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