In Antarctica

For those of you who are just joining us, I’ve been in Antarctica since Oct. 12, 2009.

To Live is To Fly
Townes van Zandt

Won’t say I love you babe
Won’t say I need you babe
But I’m gonna get you babe
and I will not do you wrong.

Livin’s mostly wastin’ time
and I’ll waste my share of mine.
But it never [...]

Shake the Dust Off of Your Wings and the Sleep Out of Your Eyes

Due to my overwhelming charisma, powers of positive thinking and Jedi mind tricks, my waiver request to allow me to travel to and work in Antarctica has been approved by the National Science Foundation. I’m not yet sure when I will be leaving, but it will be soon, probably in the next two or three [...]

These Aren’t The Words I Was Looking For

“You are not medically qualified.”

These aren’t the words I was looking for.

I finally heard from Raytheon’s medical department today. They have determined I am not medically qualified for deployment to Antarctica based upon an illness from which I suffered in early 2007. I have started the process of obtaining a waiver from this decision since, [...]

Now the Wait

The paperwork is complete.
The medical and dental exams; the blood work and drug testing are done.
I’m in excellent medical and dental condition (look mom – no cavities!) and don’t use drugs (or alcohol or tobacco for that matter).

Now I just wait for the doctors employed by the powers that be to tell me the magic [...]