A Rare Act of Sportsmanship

On a typical Saturday night in February, a high school basketball team traveled from DeKalb, Illinois to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to play basketball. After the game, the two teams, who had begun to develop a friendly rivalry, planned on going out for pizza. The scene could have been repeated anywhere in the nation, but this game [...]

Comcast Provides Super Bowl Viewers In Tucson, AZ Area With Bonus Porn

It must have been great being a Cardinals fan in the Tucson, Arizona area during Super Bowl XLIII. Well, until it ended that is. The game itself was great. Although the interception thrown on the goal line by Kurt Warner at the end of the first half (which arguably led to the Cards losing), and [...]

Jets Complete Monumental Collapse

On November 23, the Jets defeated the Tennessee Titans, completing a five game wining streak and improving their record to 8-3. They were in first place in the AFC East and there was already talk of a New York Jets vs. New York Giants Super Bowl. Also floating around was the idea that the Jets [...]

Jets Making It Difficult


After going up 3-0 on their opening drive, the Jets fell apart in Seattle, losing 13-3. Now 0-4 on the west coast this year, the Jets apparently saw success and got scared. After what was perhaps their best 5-game winning streak in years, they are now 1-3 in their last four games and the one [...]