Why Were You So Nice To That Guy?

Treating People The Way You Would Like To Be Treated

I was at work the other day when a salesman named Humberto came in asking for someone in a purchasing capacity. His product was a waterless cleaner and dispenser that law enforcement could use to quickly clean up when dealing with people. It was originally developed [...]

Is It Safe To Come Out Yet?

I’ve been hiding in the basement in an attempt to avoid swine H1N1 flu. What really scared me and forced me into seclusion was the following memo I received from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Since it was on the internet and appeared to have the CDC logo, I assumed it was [...]

The Road Goes On Forever, and The Party Never Ends

“I like your music,” she said as she hopped into my truck. “Who is it?”

“Joe Ely.”

“I never heard of him, but I like it!”

“You aren’t from Texas, I reckon?”

“No, Alabama. You?”

“New Jersey.”

I was in Mississippi helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina in September of 2005. On the long drive from New Jersey, I had been [...]

The Importance of Backing Up Your Data

I should have known better.

Last week, in a fit of geeky goodness, I upgraded the video card in my computer and doubled my RAM to 4GB. Yay for me. Since things were going so well and I thought myself the king of tech upgrades (as simple as this one was) I figured, “What the hell! [...]