The Road Goes On Forever, and The Party Never Ends

“I like your music,” she said as she hopped into my truck. “Who is it?”

“Joe Ely.”

“I never heard of him, but I like it!”

“You aren’t from Texas, I reckon?”

“No, Alabama. You?”

“New Jersey.”

I was in Mississippi helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina in September of 2005. On the long drive from New Jersey, I had been [...]

Australian Volunteer Firefighter Helps Koala Bear

The koala bear seen being tended to by volunteer firefighter David Tree was lucky. Although she was dehydrated and had burnt paws, Sam the koala is being treated by veterinarians and will be fine. Others weren’t so lucky. In addition to the human death toll, which currently stands at 181, over one million animals are [...]

We Haven’t Dropped Anyone (Yet)

As a volunteer firefighter, I’m often called with the fire department to assist EMS at traffic crashes. The fire department assists with traffic control, patient stabilization and occasionally uses hydraulic rescue tools to cut people out of vehicles. Primarily however, we just help lift people out of vehicles and into ambulances. Sometimes, when I’m feeling [...]

I Hate It When The Pets Die

Shortly after midnight this morning, I was called out to a fire in the neighboring town of Millington. Liberty Corner Fire Company provides rescue services for most surrounding towns in the event firefighters become trapped, so we get called to most working fires in the area. I think we are called mostly because we are [...]